taken out at the shoulder seam. Take up

as little as possible near the neck and as

much as is necessary out on the shoulder.

(Fig. 198.) Lifting the lining at the

shoulder will raise the armhole and make it

bind. You'll have to slash it a little until

it feels just right. Don't slash it too much

or your armhole will be too large. (Fig. 198.) Take off your lining, baste the shoulder

seams, and cut out the armholes on a line with the slashes. Try it on again to make sure that it is comfortable, and your lining is ready to be stitched.

If there are diagonal wrinkles at the back, they may be handled in the same way as the diagonal wrinkles at the front.

Fashion Design Drawing - Use Of Butterick Patterns 17.jpg

TO LENGTHEN OR SHORTEN SLEEVE PATTERNS, measure along the inside of the arm from the armhole to the bend, and from the bend to the wrist. These two measurements are necessary so that the elbow of the sleeve may be in correct position on the arm, since the upper and lower arm may vary in proportionate length. If all the alternations are made in the upper or lower part of the sleeve, the elbow will be drawn out of place.

If the measure from the armhole to the bend is one inch less than the corresponding part of the pattern, fold a half-inch plait straight across the pattern a little above the elbow.

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