BUYING A PATTERN In home dressmaking, the first principle of success is to start with the right size pattern. The wrong size pattern means a waste of good material and an unnecessary amount of fitting. It only takes a fraction of a minute to be measured, and it saves you the possibility of any trouble and extra work. You ought to be measured each time you buy a pattern. Don't be measured over old corsets or a carelessly fitted dress or a house gown. Put on the corsets you are going to wear under the new dress. Lace them properly. It may make a difference of one or two inches in your waist and hip measure. Have your measurements taken over a waist and skirt. Your bust measure should be taken easily, but not snugly, over the fullest part of the bust, close up under the arms and across the back. (Figs. 187A and 187B.)

Your waist measure should be taken snugly, but not tightly, at your normal waistline. Don't think because you are going to buy a pattern with a raised waistline that you should take your measure at your raised waistline. The waist measure given with any pattern is the measure of the lower edge of the finished belt which comes at the normal waistline, (Figs. 187A and 187B.)

Your hip measure should be taken easily, but not snugly, seven inches below your normal waistline. (Figs. 187A and 187B.)

Your arm measure should be taken easily around the arm, just below the armhole. (Fig. 187A.)

In buying a pattern for a skirt have both your waist and hip measures taken carefully.

Compare your measurements with the table of waist and hip measurements given on the

pattern envelope. Buy your pattern by the measure recommended on the pattern envelope.

After you have bought your pattern, buy your material, guided by the quantities given

on the pattern envelope.

In buying material for a ladies' dress or skirt, remember that the pattern does not allow for a hem. If you wish to hem the skirt you will have to buy a little more material than the

pattern calls for. A facing can often be cut from the left-over scraps of material if you prefer to face the skirt.

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