may be twice the length of the stitches.

Always begin by inserting the needle from the

wrong side to conceal the knot. It is better

to slip the stitches along on the needle and

not remove it from the material.

When the gathering is completed remove

the needle and draw the gatherings up tight.

Place a pin vertically, close to the last stitch,

and wind the thread several times around theFashion Design Drawing - Sewing Stitches 16.jpg

pin in the form of an 8. (Fig. 25.) This holds the gathers firmly together and facilitates the stroking.

In Stroking or Laying Gathers the work is held between the thumb and fingers of

the left hand, with the thumb below the gathering thread. Put the side of the needle well above the gathering thread and press the little plait under the thumb, drawing the needle down. (Fig. 26.)

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