as before, and repeat. Care must

be taken to keep the warp and

woof threads exactly parallel, especially in hemstitching a corner

where the material has not been cut


Machine Hemstitching is a simple way of making imitation hemstitching on the machine as shown in Figs. 46 and 47. Fold the material for a hem, and cut the garment off one-quarter of an inch above the sewing line. Fold blotting paper or any soft paper to one-eighth of an inch thickness. Place the two cut edges of the garment together, as if to sew a seam. Slip the blotting paper between the two edges, loosen the tension of the machine and stitch a quarter-inch seam through all the thicknesses. (Fig. 46.) When the seam is stitched, cut the paper close to the stitching and pull it out. The stitches between the two edges of the material will then look like Fig. 47. The edge toward the hem is turned down and the hem is stitched by machine, close to the turning. The raw edge of the garment is turned in and stitched by machine.

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