A CHAIN-STITCH is, as its name implies, a row of stitches resembling the links of a chain. Bring the needle up from under the material, Fashion Design Drawing - Practical And Ornamental Stitches 8.jpg

hold down the thread under the left thumb, and insert the needle in the

same hole. Bring it up a stitch's distance below, on the upper side of the thread, thus forming a loop, or link. (Fig. 81, preceding page.)

THE FEATHER-STITCH is one of the most frequently used of all ornamental stitches, for it can be worked with the coarsest of yarn or the finest of silk or linen thread, according to the nature of the material on which it is used. It makes a most satisfactory trimming. The single, double and triple combinations are shown in Fig. 82.

Run a colored thread along the outline to

mark the center line or mark it with a

transfer design. To make the single

stitch, knot the thread and then bring the

needle up through the material. Hold the

thread down over the

line with the left thumb.

Insert the needle a little

Fashion Design Drawing - Practical And Ornamental Stitches 9.jpg

to the left of this line,

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