for the tack; stick the needle through

the entire thickness of the goods, down

on one side, up on the opposite, and

repeat several times, according to the

required strength of the tack. Then

without breaking off the thread, make

one short stitch across one end of the long ones, and continue stitching closely all the

way across, firmly covering the threads of the long stitches. Keep these cross-stitches

close together, and while working, press the long stitches with the needle, to produce

a cord-like effect.

On garments having a finish of machine stitches at pocket openings, etc., the bar-tack,

with small bars crossing the ends of the plain bar, is more ornamental. (Fig. 73.) The process of making is similar to that of the simple bar-tack, with small bars worked in after the long one has been finished.

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