The double cable stitch is simply two rows

of the cable stitch run close together.

The Diamond Stitch is begun like the cable

stitch. Take one stitch in the first fold, from

left to right, with the thread below the needle.Fashion Design Drawing - Practical And Ornamental Stitches 25.jpg

In the second fold, a little above the line of the first stitch, take a similar stitch. In the

third fold take a stitch from left to right, but with the thread above the needle. This

stitch forms the apex of the triangle. Descending, take a stitch in each of two folds

from left to right, keeping the thread above the needle. The stitch in the third fold again has the thread below the needle, and the line of stitches again begins ascent. Continue in this way as far as the smocking is desired.

Fashion Design Drawing - Practical And Ornamental Stitches 26.jpg

The second row of zigzag stitches is put in so that the two will form a line of diamond-shaped figures which can be increased to any depth desired by additional rows of smocking. (Fig. 102.)

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