caught to the canvas and pressed.

Baste the collar, canvas side up, flat on the coat, according to the notches in the

collar and in the neck. (Fig. 307.) Stretch the neck edge

of the collar between the notches so that it will set

smoothly on the coat. The upper or turnover part of

the collar must lie flat, joining the turned-over lapels at

the top of the fronts, to form the notched collar.

When the coat has advanced thus far, try it on. Fold

over the lapel corners at the top of the fronts and see

that the collar is the correct size and fits properly.

If it does not, it may be shaped by shrinking, stretching and pressing. The front edges of the coat should

lie close to the figure at the bust, and a well-fitted

coat should hold itself in shape to the figure at this

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