Fashion Design Drawing - The Head Neck Part 5

in the soft curve of the cheek, the lightly defined nose, and the small rounded chin.

In Figs. 2 and 4 the boys give contrast in the broad jaw,

Fashion Design Drawing - The Head Neck 6.jpg

thick neck, protruding cheek-bones, and rounded skull. The lips fall back more into the face, and the ears show their marked prominence.

Softness in outline and pose in the girl have their contrast in the firmness and stability of the boy's pose and expression.

The Head (Plate 62).

Although the girl of eighteen years has so nearly reached adult age, the gentle look of youth is still discernible, lightly touching the soft outline. The face is yet untouched by any hardness of expression, the eyes are trusting, and the smooth skin is unwrinkled. Practice will make the observance of these subtle details an easy matter to understand and apply.

Fashions in hair arrangement will always be varied and must be adapted to the child fashions of the time. The boyish hair cut of 1927 is represented in this sketch.

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