The hollows and prominences are specially noticeable when beads are worn on the neck: when of light weight they " fall in " and over, but when heavy they " jump the hollows " (Fig. 2).

Note the different curve in the back of the neck when the head bends downwards; compare with normal position (Plate 22).

Profile, tilted Backwards (Plate 28).

The profile head, with a slight upward tilt, is illustrated in this Plate.

As there is no perspective, the measurement lines of chart (Plate 21) can be carried right through in constructing the head. The enclosing square for head spacing would, in this case, be placed obliquely on the neck and all measurements calculated in that position, except those based on the pit of the neck.

This method may seem troublesome at first, but the eye will become trained with practice, and the student will become accustomed to the variations of the different spaces, and will be able to judge the right positions without any guiding lines beyond a hasty blocking. If the finished drawing should not appear correct, the definite measurements of the chart can always be consulted for corrections.

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