H: Omo-hyoid.

/: Trapezius.

Three-quarter View: Forward Position (Plate 27).

For downward movement of the head and forehead take greater depth (Fig. 1).

The mouth falls close to the base of the chin. For construction of outline (Plate 24).

A A gives the adult cheek outline of three-quarter view.

BB places position of frontal bones of the eye-socket.

C gives outer edge of the cheek-bone, defining different plane.

D is the middle parting of the hair which shows to a good length in that position of the head.

The names of the neck muscles are as follows

F: Sterno-hyoid. G : Omo-hyoid. H: Splenius. i": Scalenus.

J : Sterno-mastoid, also at L. M: Trapezius. K: Pomum-Adami. 0 : Levator anguli scapulae. The three most prominent muscle markings on the flesh are K, J, and M.

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