The side width of the skull is greater than the front width. In the front view, the length is greater than the width.

Profile Measurement Chart (Plate 21).

For correct measurements of profile head.

Construct a square to the size of head required and divide into two, by drawing a diagonal fine to opposite corners. The hair will be one portion, the face the other.

Sketch in outline for blocking the head, somewhat heart-shape. Touch the square at A, B, and C, allowing space for projection of nose on face side.

From point D to chin (where hair line will start), divide into three equal divisions : First space will enclose mouth and chin ; second, nose and eye; third, forehead and eyebrow.

Divide into three equal divisions from chin to base of nose : First line falls on most prominent part of the chin ; second, on middle of the mouth.

Divide nose and eye division into four equal parts. First line falls on tip of nose, the most prominent part of the face. The third passes through middle of the eyeball.

Continue base of the nose line through square. Bottom lobe of the ear will rest on this. The whole of the ear will rest close to the head at a slightly backward tilt.

The hair-growth stops on the nose line at the back of the head. From this point the neck starts its downward course.

Distances EF and FG are equal to distance from middle line of mouth to middle line of eye, F being the extreme limit of the eyelid.

A line drawn from the wings of nose to the pit of neck gives the extreme limit of the mouth. Where this line cuts across the square, the front of neck should start, to be carried down in gentle curve. Divide the space between where this line has cut through the square and the prominent point of chin to give the starting point (C) for droop of chin.

A line drawn from the starting point of the front of the neck to the back of the neck, on a level with the base of the nose, will give the lowest line of the jaw. Another line drawn parallel to this, from the pit of neck to line of square, gives the position for the " vertebra prominens " of the spine. From this point downwards the neck line takes a different direction, curving slightly outwards.

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