A line drawn along the base of the nose to the pit of the neck gives the plane of the upper Up, and the chin should be parallel to this line but must not obtrude beyond the face line.

A line drawn along the outline of the nose to the hair line, and another along back of the wing of the nose to this point, will give by the latter a line for the eyeball.

There are three concave curves in features of the face : first, between the eyes ; second, under nose ; third, beneath

Fashion Design Drawing - The Head 2.jpg

the lower lip. From the points given, fill in outline of the face.

Profile Chart Outline (Plate 22).

The head on Plate 22 is evolved from measurements and construction fines on Plate 21.

Any type of nose, mouth or hairdressing, can be substituted according to the artist's ideal of beauty; those on the Plate are the simple plain lines allotted to their space. Any profile movement can be constructed on the same lines, either upward or down, as no perspective has been introduced (see Plate 27).

The hair arrangement can take any form desired outside the square of construction, as it is the " skull " only that is enclosed in this space (compare with Plate 21).

On Plate 22 one of the shingled vogues of 1927 has been depicted. The modelling of the head has been shown by the shaded planes.

Front Measurements and Neck Muscles (Plate 23).

The full front outline of head is egg-shaped.

Scale of measurement is the same as profile head, the diagonal lines for hair line being omitted. Allow instead the measurement of nearly one-sixth of height, as position of hair line, from top of the head.

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