Fashion Design Drawing - The Head Neck Part 4

As the child grows older its shape is affected by its sex : thin, straight and large in a boy, full and small in a girl, upper lip projecting most in profile. For some years the head will appear large and heavy for the body of the child.

Hair is sometimes completely absent at birth, but generally there is a little soft down which quickly grows into thick hair during the first year of childhood.

The Head (Plate 60).

The profile head of a boy at six years of age is shown in this plate.

Children do not show markedly much sex development in the head until this age, characteristics being covered by plumpness of flesh. If the hair is cut short, difference of form will be noticed in the shape of the skull, rather a square look in forehead and chin (see Diagram, A, A).

The ear will be upright and projecting as male characteristic. Mouth also as characteristic, not so pouting and wider, though not much developed at six years of age.

The same measurements for spacing features can be used as in Plate 12, being used throughout childhood until the age of eighteen, when the adult spacing would be required.

The Head (Plate 61).

Four head diagrams are shown in this Plate, Figs. 1 and 2 being girl and boy aged 8 years, and Figs. 3 and 4 of girl and boy aged 14 years.

As the spacing measurements for blocking the head are the same, it is only in the details that the sexes can be distinguished.

The distance from jaw to jaw, with its softer outline, is less in the girl than in the boy, giving the smaller chin and slender throat to the former. The side planes of the head are flatter, giving the front and back planes a more pointed character, which the pouting lips and thinner nose intensify.

It should be noted that Fig. 3 has not the plumpness in cheek outline of Fig. 1, although, having lost the extreme childish contour of youth, it still retains the girlish outline

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