Fashion Design Drawing - The Head Neck Part 1

The Head and Neck The Head (Plate 57).

The diagrams shown on this plate show the gradual and uniform development of the head.

The differences in shapes of chin and cheeks as age advances are due to the falling away of the flesh, exposing the muscular shape.

There is a greater growth of face than of skull, but, proportionally, the neck increases more than either.

The portion called " skull " is marked S and F for face in diagram, the head being equally divided at birth (front view). Back of skull falls to level of the base of the nose.

Side and Front View.

A is proportion and shape at birth.

B,  one year old.

C,  five years of age.

D,  fourteen years.

E,  adult.

/, vertebra prominens, places position of most projecting point on spine, remaining noticeable to adult age.

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