The Lynx (Cat species).

The hair is thick and soft, not quite so long as that of the fox, nor so sleek. It has various markings and tones of dark to light, sometimes merging into spots. The colour is generally dark blue.

Civet Cat (native of Africa).

The undergrowth of this fur is sometimes very light, shading to dark on the top. Sometimes the undergrowth is longer in parts than others, showing in an irregular tufted manner. Its colour is generally black and white. The

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hair is long and glossy, but irregular in growth, and has not the smooth sleek appearance of that of the fox.

Blue Wolf (animal tie).

Its name implies its colour, which is of a platinum blue. It is a large pelt with long silky hairs radiating from middle, and with a white-tipped tail.

Cub Bear and Goat (animal tie).

Thick, heavy pelts of long hairs, radiating from middle. There are no markings on these pelts. Bear fur is from light to dark brown ; goat is white to grey, though sometimes dyed to other colours.

Leopard Cat.

Another pelt frequently used in this form. The colours tone from yellow to brown. The pelt is of medium weight, soft and sleek, though falling in wild array when disturbed. It has the usual leopard marking. Care should be taken to keep the spots irregular, in various sizes and spacings.

Animals of larger size have their pelts formed into the fox tie form, and are then called " animal-shaped tie." The colour cannot always be relied on unless specially mentioned in the name of the fur, as they are frequently dyed to suit a change in fashion.

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