Mink {Weasel tribe) (Fig. 4).

This is joined together in long thin strips in many schemes

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of design. Its dark hairs radiate out from middle of strip, taking on lighter shade to the edge, where shadow is cast in joining.

Pelt Characteristics (Plate 44).

Sables (Weasel family) (Fig. 1).

This pelt is deep in pile. Hairs are fine and silky, radiating from the middle of skin. In colour it is generally of a rich dark brown to black down the middle line, toning lighter to outer edges. The pelts, being small, are frequently joined together in numbers in ornamental rows, with hanging heads and tails. In this form they are used for shoulder wraps.

Musquash (Musk Rat) (Fig. 2).

This is joined together in oblong strands, and has a shadowy triangular design growing out of centre, in varying intensity. It is fairly heavy in pile, with soft silky radiating hairs, inclining to the middle of the pelt. In colour, it tones from light brown to dark sometimes from silvery grey to deep cream.

The joining of the strands is very noticeable and must be well marked.

Persian Lamb (Fig. 3).

The hairs are short, soft and curly, twisting in and out in waving lines. Its pile is thin and flat in appearance. Its general use is for coats and wraps.

Seal (aquatic mammal) (Fig. 4).

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