Thick in pile, with long white hair of middle radiation. It has no markings, relying on its soft light shadows for effect.

Red Fox.

So called because of its tones of yellow to red. It has no special markings, though sometimes the hairs deepen

Fashion Design Drawing - Furs Pelts 3.jpg

somewhat in colour along the middle line. Large full-haired, silky pelt.

Mongolian Fox.

Deep rich pile ; long hairs in various colours.

Markings of numerous semi-circular wavy lines running freely across the pelt. The head has a sharp-pointed snout. Hairs radiate from middle.

Silver Fox.

So named from its colour. The pile is thick, with long silky hair radiating from middle. Its markings have a peculiar spotted appearance on back, mixed with darker hairs. The brush (tail) has markings of dark circular lines running around, ending in a circular mass of light hair at the tip.

Japanese Fox.

Soft, fine, deep-blue pile pelt, with irregular markings of deeper tone, merging into spottiness in parts. Darkling on tail.

Other foxes of about the same shape and size might also be mentioned but for exigencies of space.

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