This is of medium pile, black, rich and silky in appearance. Edges should be kept very trim, as the hairs are short. There are no markings, and the artist must rely entirely on light and shade for representation of its folds and for imparting interest.

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Pelt Characteristics (Plate 45). Fox Pelt (Fig. 1).

The outline of the fox is shown, of which there are many varieties. Descriptions of several are given under their different names.

Pointed Sitka Fox.

The special feature of this pelt is the manner in which a certain number of surface hairs are pointed with silver, giving it a " spotted " look when seen at a distance. It is dark brown in colour and deep in pile. The hairs are long and radiate outwards from the middle line.

Mongolian Fox.

This has irregular markings of darker hair in semi-circular and waving lines. The pile is deep, hairs long and silky. It is seen in various colours.

Cross Fox.

This pelt derives its name from the arrangement of dark, greyish fur on its back, falling into the form of a cross. Its hairs are long, smooth and glossy, and deep in pile.

Generally seen with a black snout and paws, with dark rims running around the tail.

Hairs have a middle radiation ; colour deep yellow to red-brown.

White Fox.

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