The front view of this head is frequently required, and might prove difficult without some guiding help to show the general shape and manner of treating the short hairs of the face.

The hairs on the paws are very small and fine. The tiny claws should be sketched in as an added interest.

Fox Tie (Fig. 3).

The usual manner of fur blocking lines has been shown in this diagram : first the general swing and pose of the figure, then the blocking of the high lights. The radiation of the hairs is suggested and carried to a further point in Fig. 4.

Pelt Characteristics (Plate 43).

The forms and characteristics of the following pelts are of importance in defining the different species.

Mole {burrowing animal) (Fig. 1).

This fur is largely used in a decorative manner by reversing the strands to produce a light and dark effect. Many varied designs are made in this way, in vertical, horizontal, V shapes, etc., for the sake of change and novelty. The hairs are fairly short and soft, taking the impression of the fingers when touched. They are in various tones of grey, from light to deep, of even tone and not marked. Interest is given to the even tone by the markings of frequent joining of the skins, causing depressions to take the shadows and the slight prominences to receive the light. The radiation of the hairs is on an even line across the pelt.

Ermine {allied to Weasel) (Fig. 2).

Composed of long narrow strands joined together. Hairs are short, white in colour, thin in pile. Short, black-tipped tails hang at intervals, though these are sometimes omitted. The radiation of the hairs is on an even line across the pelt.

Being light in weight and fine in pile, this pelt is largely used for trimmings on dresses, hats, etc. It is also made into evening cloaks and wraps.

Nutria {Beaver species) (Fig. 3).

This has no special markings and no variety except by light and shade. The joining of the skins is not seen. The hair grows in short, almost perpendicular lines, is soft and downy to the touch, leaving slight impressions ; medium pile. Chiefly used for coats and wraps.

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