You can get it at any notion counter. Cotton answers,

but get it in a good quality or it will be too limp to hold

the weight of the skirt. It is of the utmost importance

to make the belt by the pattern, for if it does not fit correctly it will slip on your figure, bringing the skirt in the

wrong place, in which case it will not fit at the hips.

Get the straight belting, and mark the darts by the belt

pattern. Bring the V-shaped lines of dart perforations

together, and baste the darts. Turn each end under one

inch for a hem. Try the belt on with the fold edges of

the hem just meeting. If the belt is too large or too small

turn in or let out the hems. If it is too large at the top, do not make the darts deeper. Let the darts out a trifle, and take the extra length off the ends of the hems. When the belt fits snugly, but not tightly, stitch the darts and the fold edges of the hems. Turn under the raw edge of the hem and stitch the fold to the belt. Turn the darts flat against the belt and stitch them. Mark the center of the belt with cross-stitching, and sew the loops to the sides, to hang the skirt up by. Fasten your belt with good-sized hooks and eyes, number 8 are the best. For a belt of average width, sew three hooks to the right end of belt, placing them about one-quarter of an inch in from the fold edge. Sew them through the rings and over the bill. Sew three eyes to the

left end of the belt, letting them extend far enough beyond the edge to fasten easily.

Sew them through the rings and at the edge of

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