Fig. 2 shows construction lines placed on the moving form (see Plate 4).

If figure leans backward the construction lines crossing the figure curve upwards, and if leaning forward, curve downwards.

Figure: Profile Proportions (Plate 7).

Measurements of Plate 3 are applied to the side view in this figure.

The introduction of a slight movement in the leg shows how measurement can be applied when the leg is removed from the straight line, the same principle also applying to the slightly flexed arm.

The parallel lines on back and front of figure are a special feature in the side view and are fully explained in Plate 9.

The profile chest line is very interesting with its soft undulating curves, and should be carefully studied.

The oblique line on the iliac crest (the top line of the hip) and the slanting line of the ribs are special to the female form.

Note how the back curve sweeps into the figure, across the hips and down into the lower limbs, forming a graceful sweeping line.

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