F       ,,    the deltoid muscle of arm.

G       ,,    half measurement of figure.

H      ,,    the patella, or knee-cap.

K      ,,    elbow joint.

L            ankle of foot.

M      ,,    bottom rim of pelvis cavity, hip bone.

N          wrist of hand.

Perspective fine CD is shorter than the near side AB.

All spacings will be proportionate inside these lines although they are vanishing to smaller size on farther side (see Fig. i).

An exception to this rule is made when the figure bends on the near side, causing it to appear in perspective on that side (Fig. 3). This effect is caused by the creasing of the external oblique muscle which is not restricted by the bones (see shaded space, Fig. 3).

Note how Fig. 1 is smaller than Fig. 2, as, being farther back in the picture, it is in perspective. It will be necessary to remember this when grouping several figures together.

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