First draw the vertical line AB of the height it is proposed to represent the figure, and divide this into two halves, marking the middle point at C.

Then divide the upper half into three equal parts, the points of division being at D and E. Draw a horizontal line from D, which gives the level of the narrowest part of trunk. Point E is the pit of the neck.

Below point C mark point F at a distance of about one-seventh of the length of CD. This fixes the end of the trunk.

Now divide FE into three equal parts, the points of division being G and H. G falls on the umbilicus, and a horizontal line drawn through H gives the base of the breast.

Draw a horizontal line through F and mark off on it a distance equal to CG ; this will give the width of the hips from the centre line.

On line AE fix point / midway between A and E. This gives the bridge of the nose. A point midway between / and E marks the base of the chin.

With E as centre and EJ as radius, describe an arc

Fashion Design Drawing - Muscles Skeleton 1.jpg

cutting the horizontal line drawn through E at K, which marks the end of the collar bone.

Draw the line BK and note that the width of the narrowest part of the trunk is at the point where this line crosses the horizontal line from D.

Bisect EH at L and draw a horizontal line from L to cut BK at a point just above the armpit.

Draw the line GK, which gives the location of the nipple.

Bisect BC at M, which gives the height of the lower part of the patella (knee-cap).

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