A horizontal line drawn through the point of bisection of CM at N marks the end of the hand.

The distance from the end of fingers to end of thumb marked 0, and the distance from the end of thumb to the thumb division marked P, are each equal to one-quarter of CN.

Back Proportions.

The method above described should be adopted for obtaining an outline of the back, omitting detail which does not apply.

Note. The nape of the neck is on the same level as the bridge of the nose ; the vertebra prominens, or seventh cervical vertebra, is on same level as the chin; and the base of the gluteus mass is level with the end of the trunk.

On both front and back the dotted curves suggest the flow of lines.

Note on Foreshortening.

The above measurements are of a fully grown figure of ideal proportions. If a figure or any part of it is viewed obliquely, that is to say, inclined at any angle not at right angles to the spectator's line of vision, the student in portraying such inclined object must draw a " foreshortened " view of it, whether it be in width or in length. To

Fashion Design Drawing - Muscles Skeleton 3.jpg

explain this more clearly : take for instance a walking stick pointed horizontally towards and on a level with the eyes ; the observer sees only a point, but if the handle is held in the same position and the point dropped half-way towards the vertical, or in other words at 450, the observer then sees the stick half its full length. This is called foreshortening, and must be allowed for in drawing all objects which are not at right angles to the line of vision. Students should by observation of common objects improve their skill in judging by what proportion lengths and widths are decreased by this cause. If this is done, there should be no difficulty in applying the measurements of Plate 3 to a figure at any angle or pose that may be desired.

Figure: Blocking Lines (Plate 4).

Two truncated cones are used to give figure outline with end of trunk as base (Fig. C).

Widest part of trunk is found at hip D, which is twice the breadth of front view head.

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