Values are comparative and depend upon their surroundings.

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In an adult, from the extreme top to
the bottom, the eyes, roughly speak-
ing, are in the middle. The head and
face of an infant may be divided in
three parts, the eyes placed on the line
marking the upper third, from the chin
up. In all heads the base of the nose is
placed half way between the eyes and
chin; the mouth two-thirds the distance
from chin to nose. Ages between these
two necessarily range somewhere be-

There is also a marked difference in
the formation of the head with varying
ages. The forehead of an adult recedes,
the cheek bones become more prom-
inent, the jaw bone more angular, the
whole head in fact more square. In
infancy the head is more elongated
and somewhat oval in form. The fore-
head is full, it recedes down and back
toward the brows; the jaw bones and
other bones of the face are diminutive;
the neck is small compared to the

In youth the face is lengthened and
is less round than in the infant. The
head above the brows however, is not
enlarged in proportion to the increase
of the lower part of the face.

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The cranium of a child's head differs from an adult in shape, solely as a
means of protection. The head is of an elongated and oval form, its greatest
length being in the direction from forehead to the back of the head; its widest
portion lies just above the ears. The forehead is full, and protrudes to a
marked degree, receding and flattening at the eyebrows. The bones of the
face, as well as the jaw bones, are small. The neck is thin and short as com-
pared with the size of the head. The lumps at the widest part of the head
are lower than in the adult as a protection for the temporal region and the
ears. The peculiar projection at the back (occiput) is for the same reason,
protection, and so is the protruding forehead.

A child's skull is thin and elastic; it will bear blows which would be fatal
later on in life. The narrow shoulders and the almost useless arms make a
necessity of a bulging forehead to protect the face from the front; the other
prominent bulges protect the sides and back of the head.

From infancy to adolescence great changes take place in the upper as well
as the lower portion of the face. Above, the face lengthens; the nose and
cheek bones become more prominent. The teeth add width and depth at the
lower part of the face. Jaw bones become more angular and pointed, the
masseter muscles are more in evidence, and a squareness of the chin is


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