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The skull is rounded on both sides of the head directly on a line above the
two ears. Part of this formation is the parietal bone, a thick spongy shock
absorber at the side of the head, at its widest and most exposed portion.

Below this, cylindrical in shape, comes the rounded portion of the face.
This rounded portion corresponds to the lower portion of the face inasmuch
as it has front and receding sides. The upper portion, known as the superior
maxillary, is irregular in shape and descends from the base of the eye socket
to the mouth. The lower portion, known as the lower or inferior maxillary,
takes the same curve as the mouth and is part of the angular jaw bone.

The nose lies on the center of this cylindrical formation.

Below the nose, the lips follow the contour of this part of the rounded
form, which as a covering, takes the shape of the teeth.

It is in reality, plane against plane, adjusted at different angles, which
forms the shape of the head. There is no exact mathematical proportion, but
in perspective or from any angle, we are forced to balance truly one side
with the other.

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A square line naturally is the outline of
a square form. A round line is the outline
of a round form. The classic beauty of all
drawing is a happy combination or contrast
of both these forms. A partially rounded
square form or a partially square rounded
form adjacent to each other do not produce
power or style.

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