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Four distinct forms compose the masses of the face. They are:

1.   The forehead, square and passing into the cranium at the top.

2.   The cheek-bone region which is flat.

3.   An erect, cylindrical form on which are placed the base of the nose and
the mouth.

4.   The triangular form of the lower jaw.

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From forehead to chin a face that is not flat either protrudes or recedes,
curving outward or inward, alternating as to curves and squares of varied
forms. In this respect a face in profile resembles architectural mouldings.

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First draw an outline of the head, then check to see that it will take but
four lines. Number one line is to be drawn first, number two line next, three
and four to follow numerically. Number one line is drawn down the face
touching the root and base of the nose. Number two line from the base of
the ear at a right angle to number one, with no relation to the face as to
where this line crosses. Number three line is drawn from the cheek bone at
its greatest width to the outer border of the chin. Where two and three
intersect, start the fourth line and carry it to the base of the nose. Whether
the head is seen from above or below, the features will follow the number
four line.

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