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The plane of the forehead slopes upward and backward to become the
cranium; and the sides turn sharply to the plane of the temples.

The plane of the face, divided by the nose, is broken on each side by a line
from the outer corner of the cheek bone to the center of the upper lip, making
two smaller planes.

The outer of these turns to become the plane of the jaw, which also is
again divided by a line marking the edge of the masseter muscle, running
from the outer border of the cheek bone to the corner of the jaw, and again
making two secondary planes, one toward the cheek and one toward the ear.

The relations of these masses and planes is to the moulding of a head
what architecture is to a house. They vary in proportion with each individual,
and must be carefully compared with a mental standard.

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In profile the masses of the head are
the same the cranium, the skeleton
of the face, and the jaw.

The front border of the temple is
seen to be a long curve, almost parallel
to the curve of the cranium.

The top of the cheek bone is seen
to be prolonged backward toward the
ear as a ridge (zygoma or yoke) which
also marks the base of the temple. It
slopes slightly down in front.

From cheek bone and zygoma,
where they meet, a lesser ridge is seen
rising between the temple and the
orbit, marking the back of the orbit
and the first part of the long line of
the temple.

Assume a profile view of a head

measures eight by eight inches.

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