Supinator longus, in actual measurement, reaches one-third up the humerus, giving a short appearance to the upper arm.

The deltoid muscle reaches nearly half-way down humerus bone, and in outline a slight depression will be seen in the middle, the lower half having the most prominent curve (Figs. 7 and 9).

Muscles of inner arm are shown in Fig. 7.

R : Pronator teres.

S : Internal condyle of humerus.

T: Palmaris longus.

U : Flexor sublimis digitorum.

V : Flexor carpi ulnaris.

F: Deltoid.

G : Pectoralis major.

H : Biceps, running nearly half-way into arm.

The other letters stand for the same names as for Fig. 6. See dotted outline of ribs starting under arms, and note

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