Both are freely used in all arm movements. Muscles of the outer arm are shown in Fig. 6.

F: Deltoid, the manner of its insertion shown on

Fig. 5-

H : Biceps, shows in both pronated and supinated positions and runs under the deltoid.

/ : Brachialis anticus, dividing triceps and biceps.

J : Triceps, showing on side and back, and greatly forming the outline of the arm.

K: Supinator longus, being a muscle that reaches far up into the upper arm, moving with the radius bone and forming important outlines.

L : Extensor carpi radialis longior.

M : Flexor carpi radialis.

A7.' Extensor carpi radialis brevior.

0 : Extensor communis digitorum.

P : Extensor carpi ulnaris.

X : Extensor ossis metacarpi pollicis.

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