Join the gores together with stitched, felled seams, continuing the stitching along the opening. Baste the hem. If the skirt is to be plaited, the plaits will give sufficient material for the underlap. See Chapter XXI, "Skirts." After the skirt has been fitted, the plaits are stitched near the edge down to the required depth.

For a back lacing, the back plait is stitched separately from the skirt and the fold edges worked with six or eight eyelets, done in the same manner as instructed on page 15. A black silk lacing or silk tape is laced through the eyelets. The navy regulations demand that the finished lacing appear like Fig. 173.

Fashion Design Drawing - Sailor Or Naval Suits 10.jpg

The upper edge of

the front

gore is finished with

a straight

belt two


wide. A


belt of the

same width

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