The hooks are sewed to the left edge of the strap. Notice that they are set close together and a trifle back from the edge. A strap placket must be held firmly to keep the line of trimming absolutely straight. For the same reason it is just as well to add a row of patent fasteners just back of the hooks.

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The underlap should be an inch and a half wide and an inch longer than the placket-hole, finished. It should be made of the skirt material faced with silk or with a light-weight lining fabric.

Lay the underlap on the under side of the skirt with the edges of the skirt and lap even. Join them with a generous seam. The depth of the seam will depend largely on the width of the strap. After stitching the seam, turn the seam edges back and hem them flat to the lap. The other edges of the lap should be bound with silk or binding ribbon. Blind loops are used instead of eyes and should be worked on the skirt in corresponding

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positions to the eyes. The patent fasteners are sewed to the lap. (Fig. 126.)

The Placket-Hole in a Skirt Set in the Same Belt with its foundation skirt is made by the same methods as ordinary plackets. In such an instance, the placket opening of the skirt is finished separately. The edges of the placket opening of the foundation skirt are turned under three-eighths of an inch. The right-hand edge is hemmed under the bill of the hooks on the skirt, and the left-hand edge is hemmed against the edge of the underlap of the skirt placket.

This style of placket is not used as much just at present as in former years, when almost every skirt was made with either a lining or a foundation skirt. While we dispense with the drop skirt in all dresses of heavy materials, it is still used with all thin evening fabrics and with a good many light-weight materials such as voiles, etc.

Whatever kind of placket is used, one should be particularly careful to see that the hooks and eyes or fasteners are so arranged that they will keep the hole securely closed. Nothing looks worse than a gaping placket, and any woman who takes a pride in her personal appearance will pay special attention to this part of her dressmaking.

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