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Light and airy materials are not suitable for the general body of the dress, though filmy arrangements can be added for neck and arm wear. Velvet, brocade, satin, and numerous other materials can be used by the matron with due attention to the needs of the wearer. If pale in appearance, bright colours will brighten, but if too florid, neutral tints should be chosen.

Silhouettes of Old Periods (Plate 68).

To look back upon the past and copy too much accepted styles can but serve to stifle all invention. Yet it is necessary to be familiar with the different modes as an inspiration to better effort (refer to Plate). To select of the best and improve must be left to the skill of the artist. It has been truly said that " all ideas are born of inspiration and inspiration is born of suggestion."

Certain lines will exaggerate height or breadth, vertical the former and horizontal the latter. Oblique lines have their uses for various effects, one in particular being to reduce an appearance of stoutness.

The aim of such devices is to create harmonic proportions, and when used for special purposes, they should be clearly defined. A square must be actually a square and not nearly so, or must be an oblong of marked proportions. The circle should be completely a circle or an ellipse ; any uncertain shapes are feeble and unsatisfactory, and should be carefully avoided.

In the case of " line," care should be taken to see that it is not weakened by too many curves, or made angular by numerous straight lines.

Colour can be obtained by tint, and by contrast of fight and dark.

Contrast imparts vigour to a design, and can be expressed by straight and curved lines, black and white, different hues, or plain with ornamental space. A touch of demureness in

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the dress can be contrasted with a daring dash of drapery or by other means.

Inappropriate design must be carefully avoided, such as mixing together different styles and types.

Monotony comes of excessive repetition, and can be overcome by a pleasing arrangement of form and order.

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