Muscles of inner arm are shown in Fig. 7.

R : Pronator teres.

S : Internal condyle of humerus.

T: Palmaris longus.

U : Flexor sublimis digitorum.

V : Flexor carpi ulnaris.

F: Deltoid.

G: Pectoralis major.

H : Biceps, running nearly half-way into arm.

The other letters stand for the same names as for Fig. 6. See dotted outline of ribs starting under arms, and note

and outward in female form. This latter point is a special characteristic of the female sex and must be carefully noted.

Front outline of trunk (Fig. 2) takes the thorax outline as far as the breast curves, space F to G falls straight, gives a slight bulge, falls inward and then very slightly outward, buttoning in at the umbilicus (or navel), then falling back in a flat gentle kind of curve into middle of body (between legs). Fig. 1 shows the same curves, front view ; it is most important to observe these with a view to giving a graceful outline to the figure.

Diagram of sacrum is shown at Fig. 6. It is situated between the two pelvis bones at back, and forms the connecting link.

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