1.  Lines drawn obliquely across the form suggest Softness.

2.  Drawn in curves Fullness of form.

3.  Vertical fines Hardness.

4.  Crossing in all directions so that only a mystery of tone results Atmosphere.

5.  Crossing obliquely, right and left, forming diamond shapes, and used in the half tones (shadow next to high light on object) Opaque look.

6.  Horizontal, crossing vertical lines to form squares Ornamental.

7.  Shading lines blurred into dark blotches Tone and balance.

Light and Shade.

Light and shade, whether expressed by pen or by brush, is an important factor in work intended for reproduction.

By its aid, plain surfaces receive an added interest and a natural appearance is given to the object. The following rules should be noted

i. Cast shadow is darkest, being the shadow thrown by the object.

2.  Line of shade is lighter, being the darkest shade on the object itself, and more or less denotes the shape on the shadow side.

3.  Reflected light, lighter still, occurring between the line of shade and the cast shadow.

Fashion Drawing Sections

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