When working in your own studio, if you possess only an old-fashioned figure stand, it is quite possible to make this do by padding out the hollows to correct line.

In taking notes of garments to be sketched, no attempt must be made for pictorial effects. Plain facts are required, and these should be classified in the following manner.

As an example, we will suppose it to be a shirt blouse as shown at C in Plate 46. Its particular points of

Fashion Design Drawing - Sketching Technique 1.jpg

interest should be entered as follows, and sketched as at D

Cross over fastening on the middle line.

Shoulder saddle.

Gathered fullness over front of blouse.

Turn back cuff with buttoned flap.

Large arm-hole.

One ornamental pearl button on front.

Machine stitched saddle collar, cuffs and armholes.

Material of soft silk, light in colour. (This note to be used for applying softness in the folds and quality of line.)

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