The Nainsook or Cambric Petticoat is finished in French seams. The lower edge of the skirt may be finished with a deep hem or with tucks, insertion and edging. The upper edge is gathered with fine stitches and joined to the body after the placket has been hemmed with a very narrow hem on one side, and one three-quarters of an inch wide on the other. Lap the wide hem over the narrow (Fig. 145), and tack firmly at the bottom

of the placket with

two rows of machine

stitching, preferably

running slanting. The body is either

cut single and faced

at the neck and armhole after the shoulder and under-arm

are joined in a

French seam (Fig.

146), or cut of two

layers of cambric,

one serving as the

lining. (Fig. 147.) If a single body

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