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With straight lines, draw the boundaries of the forehead,
its top and sides, and the upper border of the eye sockets. Then
draw a line from each cheek bone at its widest part, to the

chin, on the corresponding side, at its highest and widest part.

If the head you are drawing is on a level with your eyes, the lines you
have just drawn will intersect at right angles at the base of the nose and if
both ears are visible and the line from the ear extended across the head, it
will touch the base of both ears.

Consider the head as a cube, the ears opposite each other on its sides or
cheeks and the line from ear to ear as a spit or skewer running through
rather than around the head.

If the head is above the eye level, or tilted backward, the base of the nose
will be above this line from ear to ear. Or should the head be below the eye
level or tilted forward, the base of the nose will be below the line from ear to
ear. In either case, the head will be foreshortened upward or downward as
the case may be and the greater the distance the head is above or below the
eye level the greater the distance between the line from ear to ear and the
base of the nose.

You now have the boundaries of the face and the front plane of the cube.
The features may now be drawn in.

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Perspective refers to the effect of distance upon the appearance of objects
and planes. There are to be considered parallel perspective, angular per-
spective and oblique perspective.

Parallel lines which do not retreat do not appear to converge. Retreating
lines, whether they are above or below the eye, take a direction toward the
level of the eye and meet at a point. This point is called the center of vision,
and it is also the vanishing point in parallel perspective. In parallel perspec-
tive, all proportions, measurements and locations are made on the plane that
faces you. So in drawing a square, a cube or a head, draw the nearest side first.

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