out an outline of the pose of the

several figures. When the general

composition of the figures has been

satisfactorily achieved, one may

proceed to put the garments on



It frequently happens that a client requiring some drawings will not spare his garments for any length of time. In that case the artist has to visit the client's premises to make a rough sketch of the model, and finish it in the studio afterwards.

For this purpose a sketch book of thin detail paper is most suitable. As it will not be possible to sketch in all the detail, or to indicate colour contrasts, buttons, etc., notes should be made of all salient features which will require bringing out in the finished drawing. Ascertain which side, or what angle, must be shown, and

make the rough sketch with this in mind. It is a good plan to make an enlarged drawing of a section of the pattern, where this is an all-over design. If this is done, and the necessary notes taken, the rough sketch need be no more than an outline or diagram.

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Sometimes the artist will get a job to design a page of frocks for a pattern paper that is to say, she must not only produce the drawings but design the frocks also. She gets the job because some specimen of her work has appealed to the editor of the paper. But there are a number of pitfalls for the poor artist. The specimen, on which she was appraised, may have been a charming one and full of bright ideas; but although she still has to be original, she will probably find that her ideas have to be considerably modified when it comes to a matter of drawing fashions which can be turned to practical use. Obviously it is useless designing intriguing-looking dresses which simply cannot be made. A practical knowledge of dressmaking will be a great help in this sort of work. So will an understanding of the sort of people who are going to purchase the paper patterns. For instance, the design which will appear in the paper bought by Mary Ann will not do for the periodical bought by the bright wife of the M.P.-to-be, who has to dress in clothes which, whilst not being obviously home-made, are yet within her capacity to create.

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