As a general rule the upper lip is thinner than the lower.

E is a three-quarter view of the lips, slightly upturned. Perspective has shortened the far side and caused the middle knob to become an oval, as all circles will do when in perspective.

Note the end of the mouth showing on the far side, and how the onion line is used for blocking. The blocking at Fig. 5 is for upturned, smiling lips.

The lower lip tends to lessen in width, though retaining its length, while the upper is seen fairly wide. Note how the ovals become more elongated and the middle circle an oval. The base of the nose is in full view in this position, fairly close and in the same plane (see dotted line under the base).

The relation of the mouth to the nose is shown at Fig. 4. The mouth is slightly downward and smiling. A blocking arrangement for the same is at M.

Fashion Design Drawing - Face Details 4.jpg

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