Three-quarter view is shown at M with one wing foreshortened at R.

The bone of the nose is not always outlined in the drawing : it can be indicated on one side only (see Plate 25), or merely at the side of the eye.

The full front view of nose, mouth and chin is shown at N, to show the relative sizes and relations to the other features of the face. L shows the profile for the same

Fashion Design Drawing - Face Details 2.jpg

purpose, but includes the eye so that its outline between the eyes can be accurately placed. The muscles connected with it are shown under the following names

D : Compressor naris, its position being over the bridge of the nose and down the sides, the end portion being cartilage.

E : Levators of wings of nose and lips.

F: Mouth muscle, the movement of which causes a difference in the shape of the wings of the nose.

G : Depressor of the mouth.

H : Depressor of the lower lip.

i": Levator menti.

Note that the wings of the nose are prominent masses, and stand out into light (see K) ; also observe the sloping plane at the sides of the nose, falling into a deep depression at the base of the compressor naris muscle.

The backs of the wings always cause a deeper indication of shadow to be expressed in the drawing (see N, K ; also Plate 25).

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