Stitch and press open the sleeve seams.

Baste the collar to the right-hand side of the lining, try

on to be sure that it is the right size, and then stitch it to

the right side of the lining. The collar closing is at the

center back and the lower edge on the left side will be

sewed to the lining later, three-eighths of an inch below

the neck edge of the lining.

Stitch the fronts about an eighth of an inch back of

each fold edge. Put the lining on, pin the fronts evenly

together and have some one turn up the lower edge of

Fashion Design Drawing - Efficient Equipment For Dressmaking 5.jpg

the lining. (See Chapter XXI, Skirts.) Take the lining off and face it with a bias facing three inches wide, stitching the upper edge of the facing flat to the lining.

Mark the waistline by a line of colored thread through the waistline perforations.

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