Buy a princess lining, buying it by your bust measure. If you are long or short waisted, round-shouldered or over-erect or have any other slight peculiarity of physique, alter your pattern according to the instructions in Chapter XIV, "The Use of Butterick Patterns."

Cut the princess lining from unbleached muslin or natural-colored linen or duck. The material should be of a firm, strong quality so that it will not stretch and it should be thoroughly shrunken before it is used. In cutting the lining out, cut one sleeve.

Lay the pattern on the material, following the directions given on the pattern envelope. Pin it on carefully and cut, following the edges of the pattern exactly. Clip the notches distinctly but not too deeply, and mark the working perforations with tailor's tacks, using different-colored cottons for the different-size perforations.

Put the lining together according to the illustrated instructions given in the pattern, making the closing at the center front.

Try the lining on with the fold edges of the front opening just meeting.

The lining should be tried on directly over your corset so as to get as close a duplicate of your figure as possible. In using the finished dress-form remember ! that it represents your figure without lingerie. If you wear heavy, clumsy underwear you should put it on the form in fitting. If you wear fine, close-fitting lingerie it will not be necessary to do so, as the lingerie will not alter the size or shape. Pin the fronts carefully and be sure that the neck edges are even.

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Make the necessary alterations at the outlet seams, fitting the lining very carefully. Be sure to have the neck and armhole exactly right. Remove the lining and if you make any alterations baste them in and try on the lining once more to be sure that it fits perfectly. Stitch the seams through the bastings. If you can't remove them afterward it doesn't matter in this case. Press the seams open. It is not necessary to bind, or overcast or bone them. Run a strong basting around the armholes and neck to keep them from stretching. Make up the single sleeve you cut with the rest of

the princess lining, following the directions given with

the pattern. Baste it into the lining and try it on to be

sure that it is the right length and sets comfortably on

the arm. Fit the sleeve as close to the arm as possible.

Then rip the sleeve out, leaving the gathers at the top.

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