The last question is a very important one for the artist. Without spending too much time on it, he must be able to get the effect of the material used - to catch the spirit of the fabric. The chic of a crisp taffeta evening costume would be entirely lost if it were illustrated as a soft clinging fabric.

Nearly all fashion sketches, with the exception of evening clothes, are made with hats, bags, and gloves. This necessitates the artist keeping up-to-date on developments in accessories as well as apparel.

The thought to be kept uppermost in the artist's mind today is that his sketches must be smart looking - sophisticatedly smart, rather than pretty.

An important point that should be stressed here is the necessity of harmonizing the mood and action of the figure with the clothes in which the artist draws her. If the woman is presented in sports clothes, she should be depicted actually engaged in some sport. A languid pose calls for a languid gown; a tailored outfit for a brisk sophisticated mood.

Dramatize the figure, particularly the feminine figure, and the atmosphere of your drawing whenever possible, but don't over-emphasize. The figure should never be more prominent than the apparel. To obtain a dramatic atmosphere as well as a realistic air, the figure must wear the clothes with an air of comfort. Make the garment look as if it were actually worn by a human being.

It is chiefly by harmonizing mood and action with type of clothes, by creating a comfortable air about the apparel pictured, and by dramatizing his fashion figures that an artist succeeds in creating desire in his reader and accomplishes his objective of selling.

Fashion Design Drawing - Dressing The Figure 1.jpg

Sketch the Hemline of the Skirt in the general shape of a rectangle

Fashion Design Drawing - Dressing The Figure 3.jpg

To illustrate an up-lift feeling in the bust line place a shadow or few lines (convex) at the bust

Curve the sleeve at the armhole. %

Wrinkle the sleeve at the bend of the arm

Fashion Design Drawing - Dressing The Figure 4.jpg

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