Place a few wrinkles at the bend of the arm to make sleeves in a garment apparent. This may seem a slight detail, but it is not unusual that a sketch appears to be sleeveless because of the omission of this detail.

If a garment is trimmed with buttons, count them and sketch the same number.

A few points to bear in mind when sketching a dress on a figure are:

Where is the neckline - high? low?

Has the costume a collar? What shape?

What style of sleeve - short? full? tight?

Has it a normal shoulder line? Exaggerated? Slanting?

Where is the waist line? Above or below normal?

Has it a belt? Tight-fitting?

What type of skirt - circular? Pleated? Straight?

How long is the skirt?

What type of trimming has the garment?

What is its fabric?

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