a hot iron over it all

several times until the

two pieces and the

ragged edges are nicely

stuck together. Cut

away all superfluous

material around the

edges. Fig. 67 shows

a satisfactory result of

this method of mending on the right side of the material.

A Patch may also be set in with mending tissue in cases where it is undesirable to have any stitches showing. The hole is trimmed to a square or oblong shape, and a piece cut the same shape, but a seam's width wider all

Fashion Design Drawing - Darning Mending 12.jpg

around. Lay the garment over an ironing-board, as directed above, and, between the edges of the hole and the lapped edge of the patch, lay strips of the mending tissue. Be careful not to have any of the tissue extending beyond the torn edge on the right side, as it will make an ugly mark after being pressed. Fig. 68 shows a hole neatly mended by this method.

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