Fifth, between lips.

Sixth, hollow of chin.

Seventh, base of chin.

Fashion Design Drawing - Child Head Neck 2.jpg

The chin is well set back, the fleshy mass underneath coming close to the pit of the neck, which is enveloped in rolls of flesh.

The child's eye appears larger and slightly staring owing to the pupil's absorbing most of the eye-ball, leaving very little of the white part showing. In the course of years the pupil attains fuller growth, and the white of the eye-ball receives more space.

The face increases at a greater rate than the skull after the first year, and at maximum is one-third more than the skull. In three years it has increased one-sixth, continuing to increase to adult age.

The distance from zygoma to zygoma (cheek bones) is wide in proportion at birth, increasing to two-tenths of the skull measurement at full growth (see Plate 57).

The eye-ball is more prominent than in later years, when it sinks slightly more into its hollow cavity very pronounced in old age.

Eyebrows are faintly marked, having less depth in the hair growth, and appear high owing to lack of depth in the eye-socket underneath.

The nose should be lightly expressed, having very little projection. It has only very small planes on the sides to catch the shadows. In breadth it is the width of an eye, as in adult measurement.

The ear is placed according to the characteristics of the sex, oblique angle in female, upright in male (see Plate 60, diagram .4).

The mouth is smaller than the width of an eye while the teeth are absent, and has a pouting effect owing to receding chin.

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