G, zygomatic cheek bone, noticeable in all ages, is an important landmark in the drawing of the head, and is the bony arch connecting the eye-socket to the ear.

Flesh that is free from the bones is very mobile, and is very marked in youth, but as age advances muscular growth takes its place, finally giving way to the more bony outlines characteristic of old age.

H denotes a slight dip in the skull. This is very noticeable at birth, being due to a slight opening in

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the skull, which gradually closes together as age proceeds, finally forming a smooth rounded surface.

K, a slight swelling denoting jaw-bones. It must be remembered that all these bony prominences of the skull will still retain their shapes and positions, being only lightly covered with flesh, the masses of fat being on the boneless spaces of the face.

The Head (Plate 58). The profile view of a first-year child is shown. The bulge in the forehead at fine D is very noticeable. This appearance is caused by the plane of the face being set back, owing to the smallness of the nose and receding chin. The slant in the cranium gives a pointed look at birth (see A and B in the diagram). Also note the general shape of the head and that the skull extends to the eyebrow, being the first line of the face. The back of head slopes outwards, then sharply inwards, back to neck, falling in to the prominens vertebra, which denotes its position by a swelling (see C). The head merges quickly into the neck, which is short, wrinkled and plump. In very young children the head rolls about as if the neck could hardly support the head. The angle of the jaw is small at birth, chin well back, coming forward as teeth develop.

When maximum age is reached, the head is almost double the size of birth. The face has been divided into six equal spaces (from eyebrow to chin).

Observe where the lines fall on plane of face

First, the eyebrow.

Second, middle of eye.

Third, of no value.

Fourth, to base of nose.

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