The muscles are covered with fleshy masses in the first few years of life, becoming firmer and more defined in shape as age increases. These rules apply to both sexes.

Fashion Design Drawing - Child Figure Proportion 2.jpg

Profile and Pose (Plate 50).

A profile diagram is shown of the different ages and growths of the upper and lower half, demonstrated by a line through the middle of the figure at M.

The hollow in the back at the lumbar region is very slight at birth but increases with age. In boys it is never so pronounced as in girls owing to the forward hip of the latter. Measurement from skull to end of trunk, at birth, is two-thirds of the whole figure.

At birth the half figure falls on the umbilicus. At one and a half years, just below. At two years at iliac crest. At four years, just below.

Profile and Pose (contd.) (Plate 51).

This plate is a continuation of the profile diagram of growth (see Plate 50). Inspection of the plate will reveal the gradual lowering of the middle line until it has reached the base of the abdomen, which is not the actual end of the trunk. The dotted line shown across the front fine of these figures is intended to draw attention to the fact that the figure becomes more erect as age advances and the abdomen much flatter. It is in such differences as these that the age of the child will be seen, and the characteristics should be carefully noted when it is desired to represent a child of a particular age.

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